The Story behind Real Time®

In 1998, Tim, a High School Basketball Coach, noticed that his players consumed an increasing amount of oral painkillers. He knew this couldn’t be good for their health. He looked at the alternative pain relief products available and found that they rarely worked and often smelled awful. Dissatisfied with the options available, Tim decided to work with a chemist to create a cream that relieved pain.

Unlike the other topical pain relievers on the market, this cream was formulated to relieve pain without leaving a burning or freezing sensation or desensitizing the body to injury. He achieved this by keeping the Menthol content low, which other topical products often use in excess. The result was family-safe, fast-acting pain relief that smelled great!

Tim also wanted this product to contain more goodness per application, so he borrowed recipes from ancient times. Throughout history, humans have harvested ingredients from nature and mixed them into pain relieving ointments. Along with a low amount of menthol, Real Time Pain Cream was filled with 16 other ingredients that were used by our ancestors for their soothing properties. With this first product, Real Time Pain Relief was born.

RTPR®is a family operated business based out of Cabot, Arkansas. We take a different approach than many of our large corporate competitors. Every new Real Time Pain Relief product is first made for and tested by our family and friends. As our product line expands, we refuse to cut corners. Choosing to treat your family like our family, we continue to pack our products full of Nature’s Ingredients and never use harmful chemicals like parabens, SLS, and GMOs.